Knowledge About EGR Delete Kit

An EGR delete kit is made to bypass the EGR system on the vehicle, reducing the amount of smoke and gunk in your intake system and in your oil. The EGR is the exhaust gas recirculation system that is made to pick up the exhaust from the manifold and take it back around to the intake manifold so that it can be burned again in the combustion chamber.

Egr Delete Kits

It enables the incoming air from your car intake to be joined with exhaust gases and reduces the adiabatic flame temperatures. In diesel engines the recirculation system reduces the amount of extra oxygen. This creates a reduce combustion temperature by improving the heat capacity of the mix. It will help to reduce the production of Nox. Nox tends to progress faster when a combination of nitrogen as well as oxygen is subjected to high temperatures.

A delete kit is definitely an aftermarket kit which was made to bypass the exhaust across the recirculation system altogether. The kit enables you to replace the cast inter-cooler pipe which is on your vehicle with an aluminum pipe. You’ll be able to block off the exhaust gas plumbing found at the rear of the vehicle with a blocking plate. If you utilize an up-pipe replacement for the original up-pipe you can totally remove the system pipes.

You’ll get several advantages from having installed the EGR delete kit. The advantage that stands out the most is the fact that you’ll have a cleaner intake system as you’ll have stopped all those exhaust gasses from going back to your intake.

You’ll see the advantage of increased horsepower instantly. The style of the delete kit raises airflow about 50% which leads to increasing horse power about 30% as well as an increased torque by 48 ft-lbs. These aren’t the precise figures for all vehicles, however they do represent the most typical results of installing a delete kit.

egr system


These exhaust gas recirculation bypass system kits come with an aluminum tube which is one single piece. The single tube enables maximum improvement in air-flow. You can also get the bypass kit in a 2 piece assembly that enables for improved cold weather performance by using the heater grid which came stock along with the vehicle.

The two piece system also includes a spacer to replace the heater grid throughout the summertime, so you can have increased air-flow during the summer. There is about a 7% difference in the amount of air flow you’ve when you’ve the heater grid in place.

Removing the exhaust gas recirculation kit in the vehicle can give your engine cooler exhaust temps. This removal will also decrease your coolant temps while lowering the amount of black smoke emissions the vehicle produces. Installing an EGR delete kit can raise the air flow in your engine providing you with more horsepower and higher torque and as a consequence benefiting you with a higher performance vehicle.

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