Helpful Tips For Buying Ceiling Roses For Your House

Ceiling roses are ornamentations traditionally made from plaster which are used to decorate the area surrounding a main ceiling light. These were standard fashion items through the Victorian as well as Edwardian eras, especially among the upper classes where they were often utilized to complement a chandelier in a room along with a high ceiling. Nowadays, ceiling roses are made of a variety of materials which includes polymer-based products. This makes them lighter than traditional plaster ceiling roses and therefore simpler to install. Making ceiling roses from contemporary materials also provide a higher-level of definition for those ceiling roses that are ornately decorated.

Ceiling roses

First of all, you should think about the question – why you wish to install a ceiling rose? Is it for completely aesthetic reasons or perhaps is there a practical factor included? Aesthetically, ceiling roses can also add character to a room which help recapture the ‘period feel’ that a building might have. They might be used to accentuate the attractiveness of a chandelier and to highlight the lines of light it throws away. On the other hand, it might just be used to cover cracks in the ceiling! Preferably, you should set up your rose in the middle of the ceiling and this will have some bearing on your choice as in the case of ceiling roses, size truly does matter.

Addititionally, there is the question of current decoration. Unless, of course the room is being completely redecorated, you may have to select something which is supportive to its existing style. If you’ve intricately-patterned wallpapers you might wish to reduce the quantity of decoration on your rose so that the over-all design of the room doesn’t become too ‘fussy’. If there’re existing cornices and also coving then it is much better to choose a design that blends in than one which will confuse the focus of the room. Detail is another concern if you’re planning to decorate the area surrounding a chandelier; the more elaborate your chandelier is, the less your ceiling rose should be. In such cases ceiling roses are there to counterbalance the lighting, not the other way round.

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